Nowadays, fake goods are no longer strange to all of us and you wonder why it is so loved and developed. Sophisticated manufacturing technology, agile supply chain, high quality, along with the ability to evade the authorities are not the reasons for the existence of the replica market. Everything would not exist without buyers and demand from consumers is the biggest reason. So WHY CONSUMERS LIKE TO BUY FAKE?

Buy handbags
Buy handbags

In the 19th century, when everything was narrow, technology had not yet developed, it was extremely difficult to steal designs to produce again. As everyone knows, the young Louis Vuitton once painted stripes on his suitcase to prevent theft of designs from competitors. But now that the 21st century has passed, buying fake goods continues to be a big problem for the fashion industry. As the world develops, technology develops and the internet develops. Everything is easily copied and shipped worldwide no matter the authority or trademark.

Now, it only takes a few minutes to go online and consumers can quickly find websites selling replica products. The item is not only not shabby but also of high quality and accuracy because of the increasingly sophisticated copying technology. Not only have branded products been released for a long time, but even new products are copied very quickly.

Of course, it’s not natural that manufacturers naturally repeat such designs from brands, there must be demand to have supply. And they themselves understand the psychology of people today, so the replica line is constantly growing and spreading all over the world. Therefore, it cannot be said that buying replica goods is a scam, but nowadays fake goods are sold when you want to buy them, no one is forcing them. If we have the money, then surely replicas are not an option, that’s why replicas are born.

But, not everyone buys replicas for the same reason. Therefore, it is not possible to use one campaign to apply to everyone. Consumer psychology researchers have found four main reasons for buying replica goods.

Why do customers buy fake products? Who are they?

1. Customers dream

This is a group of people whose psychology is closest to the thought of people who often buy fake goods. They are usually people with insufficient income to buy real products. They often think, “what if I have more money”, “what if I can live like celebrities A and B”. So they look to buy a replica that their idols use, as a way to fuel their dream of a high-class lifestyle.

2. Customers value external images

This is a group of customers who want to open their eyes to family, friends and colleagues. Owning an expensive designer item that helps them brag about their life is a success compared to everyone else. However, in reality, it may be that buying the real thing is beyond their financial means. Therefore, they look to buy fake goods as a way to save the situation. At the very least, they will use the replica until they can afford to buy the genuine version.

3. Customers follow the trend

Today, the internet has grown to connect people around the world and social networks are the platform for them to learn and create a lot of trending content. And replicas are also more common from here. This is a group of fashionistas who always want to own the latest items and post them on social networks. The addiction to shopping and collecting makes it difficult for them to buy everything that is authentic. And that’s why this group of customers will be selective, buying both real and fake goods.

4. Sophisticated shopping customers

Don’t assume that all customers who buy counterfeit goods are low-income. Many well-to-do people also tend to like replica goods. They explained that the quality between the real and the fake was not much different, but the price difference was significant. If they want to buy an item for comfort, why buy a real brand?

Another reason, according to consumer psychology research, is that many high-income people may have been poor in the past. Hunting for replicas, finding a high-quality item to “fool” others, is simply paying a bargain price, giving them the joy of shopping.

The selection of this customer group is usually a level 1 fake, very close to the original product. They also sophisticatedly mix and match branded and replica goods together, so it’s quite difficult for people around them to know that they are using replica goods, unless one looks closely.

Gucci handbag replica
Gucci handbag replica

In the end, perhaps buying fakes is not really good, but it is also everyone’s own choice. No one can force us to buy replica goods and this comes from the needs of the user. Don’t worry about buying fake products, it’s not illegal. Everything you do should be in the best interest of yourself and your family.

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