The most popular Celine handbags

Celine is known as one of the leading luxury handbag brands in the world with youthful, dynamic designs and is loved by many fashionistas. Let’s explore with HighReplica 6 of the most popular Celine handbags today through the article below!

Celine handbags
Celine handbags

About Celine

Celine is one of the top 15 handbag brands in the world. Founded in 1945 by Celine Vipiana in Paris, France, Celine has gradually grown and become one of the leading fashion houses in the fashion industry in general and the handbag industry in particular.

Celine bags bring luxury and comfort to users, diverse in size, color, and price. Celine’s handbag designs have gentle feminine colors combined with high-quality materials and minimalist cuts to create elegance and sophistication for anyone to use.

The bags of this brand are very suitable for modern girls with a design style that is a subtle combination of classic and modern. It can be said that this brand was born for people of the upper class. aristocratic class, luxurious and stylish. That’s why Celine handbags are so expensive and difficult to own.

The most popular Celine handbag

Celine 16 Bag

Famous for bags designed in the style of Minimalism, Celine is one of the few luxury brands that does not need to “show off” the logo but is still loved for its excellent quality and high application.

Celine 16 is named after the address of Celine’s headquarters from its founding days – Maison de Couture, 16 Rue Vivienne, Paris. The bag recreates the elegant and classic style of the Paris ladies of the 20th century. As soon as it was released, Celine 16 immediately created a fever in the fashion world and became a favorite handbag for its sudden design. Breaking from Celine’s previous designs.

Celine Triomphe Shoulder Bag

The main material that makes up this beloved Celine handbag is lightweight calfskin, lined with lambskin. The Celine Triomphe bag has a relatively solid and compact shape, convenient for walking around the city or going to work every day. The name derives from the iron links in the Arc-de-Triomphe – the inspiration to create the lock with two Cs facing each other. The integration of the cultural imprint of Paris into the buckle combined with the classic box shape makes Celine’s bag simple but still very outstanding.

Celine Trapeze Bag

If the Celine Luffy bags are compared to the Birkin line of the popular Hermes brand, the fashion world also considers Celine’s new Trapeze line to be the second Kelly bag. Trapeze bags are made of soft, shiny goat leather. They have a square design with triangular overhangs on either side of the body creating a large and wide bottom.

Celine Classic Bag

Connoisseurs of fashion are certainly not less than once admiring Celine’s Classic bag. It’s hard to resist the design of this bag because everything is so perfect, from the style to the high-quality materials. Celine Classic is designed in the form of a gentle folding lid with an eye-catching Hardware metal buckle. This buckle is not only sturdy but also covered with yellow paint to create a prominent highlight for the body of the bag. The strap of the bag is made of high-quality calf leather and the strap length can be adjusted up to 49cm.

The bag measures 18.5 x 15.5 x 6 with a flat inner pocket, which is perfect for you when going out. With this size, you can store your phone, small wallet, keys, and cosmetics… very conveniently. True to its name, Celine Classic has a timeless classic beauty. Still a minimalist design with an emphasis on gold buckle details, Celine Classic brings an elegant and aristocratic style to every lady who owns them.

Celine Nano Luggage Bag

Celine Nano Luggage was born under the mold of predecessor creative director Phoebe Philo. This is considered the legacy that this creative director left to Celine.

Is an “It bag” that everyone aspires to own. This bag impresses with a design that is quite similar to the faces of Lego robots. With a harmonious color scheme and soft black lines, this bag easily defeats the most demanding girls. The shape of the Luggage Bag is quite sturdy with the bag having a trapezoidal shape, so it can hold a lot of things. You can pair this bag with trending jackets or formal work outfits.

Celine Trio Bag

Stylish fashionistas who do not follow fashion trends have considered Celine Trio the ideal bag because of its delicate minimalist design as well as its convenience.

If we look at the front corner, we will mistakenly think this is a normal rectangular bag and a bit thin, but that is the wrong impression. Looking at the Celine Trio from the side will give us the feeling that this is a “3 in 1” bag. Because it has up to 3 compartments with a quite unique connection design. The nano version is 20 x 20 x 10cm smaller than the traditional one, so it’s also neater and more dynamic.

Even if it’s just an “accessory”, a bag can also show the image of each person. Handbags embody a fashion sense and each bag contains every girl’s treasure trove of secrets. So don’t miss the most popular Celine handbags that HighReplica has just introduced above!

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