Return Policy

Return policy is something we always want to know when buying any product and for counterfeit products it is even more important. We generally appreciate companies that provide an open and transparent return policy. A lot of online stores have been selling fake bags for a long time that will give their customers an extremely good return policy and some do not. The numbers 7, 14 days always come with a return and it is not certain. Do you know what kind of potential stores like that have something to worry about? Let me tell you that below.

First you must know that it is really difficult for you to return the items back to their company. Most replica handbag companies are located in China and they ship from there. And with the return policies you know, you need to ship the item back to China and obviously this is very difficult and expensive. You need to send a reliable carrier and you will spend the full amount on this shipping. Packages will be shipped with a tracking number and will only be refunded or exchanged for a new one once received by their company. What you never know is when the package will arrive and whether it will arrive. It is illegal to ship a counterfeit item and it can be seized at any time by customs and you are solely responsible. It completely depends on your luck and in this exchange you are the only one who is disadvantaged and lost the property.

The second thing you need to know is that some companies selling fake handbags will charge you a hefty return fee. You will certainly be the one to bear all the shipping costs back to China and in addition an additional 5-30% of the return cost. Not all companies are like that but most of them are.

The third is that they can completely refuse to take back the item that you have lost time, effort and money to return. On return shipping, if you do not pack the package securely and carefully, you can completely damage the product and the company will refuse to accept it. It’s the worst when you’ve spent a lot of money, waiting for months just to be able to fix the problem and get a refund or a better product.

In the end, we just wanted to let you know how difficult and expensive it is to return a replica handbag ordered in China. We can never predict what will happen to our order and always need to learn everything thoroughly. From product quality, accuracy and even return policy. Talk to the company about the replica you are about to buy and ask them all questions thoroughly before making a transaction. You know, money is hard to come by and use it well.

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