Reasons not to buy FAKE handbags!

Luxury handbags have always fascinated us, but not everyone can afford them. In today’s market, fake handbags are no stranger to fashionistas and are used more than genuine bags. Some of the reasons not to buy a fake handbag listed below will serve as reminders to yourself when you’re in front of a cheap replica of a nice bag – the real thing is out of your budget. Really those fake bags are not worth wasting your money. Here are some good reasons not to buy fake handbags.


One of the top reasons not to buy fake handbags is that they are of very poor quality. Authentic handbags can be expensive, but they are made with quality materials. Nowadays, many fake handbags are of good quality and durable, but a fake of poor quality will break within a short time. So why not save money for a better quality bag that lasts a long time? And if you really want fake bags, do your research carefully to own the highest quality bags.


Aside from the obvious lack of quality, poor quality fake handbags always look cheap. If you don’t mind carrying a cheap looking bag, just buy any bag in the market! You can buy a decent bag with no luck if you have the sense and knowledge of genuine buying, so don’t spend your money on something that is not obvious like a cheap replica.


While it’s really common, it’s against the law to buy and sell counterfeit products. You won’t go to jail for buying a fake bag, but it’s silly to do something you know is illegal. If you want to sell handbags in the future, for example, if you have a past with traces because you used fake goods, who will trust you? So you can buy a fake handbag for your personal use but never resell it and fool the buyer that it is a real bag.


A genuine handbag will always hold its value. Some even increase in value, especially if they are limited edition. So savvy people can buy handbags as an investment. A fake bag will be worth nothing. So either save up on expensive bags, if you like style, or simply buy a good quality bag at a slightly cheaper price. Fake bags are for use only and should never be viewed as an investment.

There are many reasons for us not to buy fake handbags and there are also reasons why we should. However, whether to buy or not depends on the ability and life of each person. There are many users of fake bags who are still surprised because their quality is really good, but there are some that are not. If you can never buy fake bags, try to save and invest in valuable genuine handbags.

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