“Buy top brand online” – this is the tagline used by, an online store for top brands handbags and of course they are just replicas. This is a store with a name and tagline that makes us see that their fake bags are high quality and luxurious. We can immediately think of the original, But when buying we never trust and listen to the rumors. such a thing. As smart shoppers, we know buying a copy isn’t easy and we only trust what we find out. So let’s see how good and accurate their products really are. is a beautiful, fresh looking and modern online handbag selling website that is user-friendly. It has a full menu of items, and the banners and images are highlighted but not overcrowded. They know how to highlight important images such as promotions, featured product information. Somehow those careful designs make it truly look like a pro shop for high-quality imitation bags and accessories.

The site has two banners. One is located at the top of the page and it includes 7 categories of products the store has, and the other on the left side is almost the same. In the middle of the page are three promotional banners and to the right is a selection of new arrivals, with beautiful images and suggestive descriptions. At the bottom we find links for informational pages, just below a giant piece of text about the company and its products.

The collection is quite wide and varied. The store sells one of the most famous designer wallet brands in the world. Each brand includes an impressive number of models, and for easy access to the designs that interest us, the categories are divided into collections. I was very disappointed to find that there is no advanced search option. There are collections that include hundreds of copies, but there is no way to categorize them by price, shape, handle, or color. Simply browse through the entire collection page by page until you find the one you like best.

The prices of the bags start at $100 and go up to $500. The price depends on the size, style and fabric of the product. Smaller ones like clutches or purses cost around $100-$150 while large luggage bags cost around $400-$500. These prices are quite affordable and match the design, material and convenience. benefits of fake bags. Furthermore, this is the average price currently available on the online fake wallet market.

The description pages are obviously terrible. The largest part of the text is represented by a general description of the collection to which the copies belong. The rest is the unorganized statistics of a number of ambiguous characteristics, and from copy to copy they vary in quality and quantity. The description does not accurately describe the characteristics, functions, materials, colors and marks of authenticity of the replicas.

The Payment Information page states that the company accepts Visa, Western Union and Bank Wire payments. However, after adding the product to the cart, you are informed that credit card payments are no longer accepted and that the only available payment method is Western Union. Plus, you also get a free product as a gift when you use Western Union as a payment option. I find this to be a very questionable business practice. I would be very hesitant to buy a fake product from a website that only accepts payment via Western Union. In my opinion, the only secure payment option when ordering online is by credit card. This way, your bank will always protect the transaction.

The company ships packages around the world, and for most countries, delivery is free. The only countries that need to pay shipping are: Africa, South and Central America, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Orders are shipped by EMS and UPS and all of them are assigned a tracking number. Once the package is shipped, you will be emailed a tracking number so you can track your order online. offers a 14-day return policy. This policy states that all copies with defects in quality may be returned to the company for a refund or exchange, in which case the return shipping fee will be compensated. If there are no quality defects, the customer cannot be reimbursed for shipping and is required to pay a $30 replacement fee. In addition, prior to returning a wallet with a defective copy, customer service must be contacted and provide photos of those errors. Only after these defects are confirmed will the customer be allowed to return the product. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t say anything about repair warranties. 14 days is a very short period of time to guarantee the quality of a copy. What if the knockouts broke out after a month or two? Are you stuck with it even though you paid $200-$300 or more?

The paintings appear to have been copied from two different sources. Some fake wallets have images with a white background while others have images with a gray background. The photo is of very good quality, without any blurring, and shows the product from many different angles. There is also a photo of the dust bag and identification documents. The images are copied from different websites and are not displayed

the actual bag that sells or the store is just a reseller using two different suppliers. Either way, I won’t order from this place unless they send me pictures of their actual merchandise to prove they’re legit.

The company does not have professional customer service. It cannot be reached by phone, email or live chat. If you need to ask a question, you can simply send a message via the contact form listed on the website. I don’t think this qualifies as responsive customer service and doesn’t give me any reason to trust the company. My advice to you is to try contacting customer service first and only order from this store after you have received an answer from them. is an online fake bag company that has invested heavily in creating a beautiful website, a diverse collection of fake bags and suggestive product photos. The problem is that there are many things that present this as an unprofessional store and that is it: lying about accepting credit card payments, unresponsive customer service, and poor product descriptions.

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