As a brand that is defined for elegant beauty and extreme sophistication in fashion, Louis Vuitton with its designs has always been the center of attention and received a lot of attention from the moment it was just released. eye. If the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires bag for ladies has become a cult bag model of the LV family, the Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag will surely also capture the hearts of many LV fashionistas when given a male version full of personality for active boys.

Louis Vuitton Trio Messenger Bag
Louis Vuitton Trio Messenger Bag

Following the inspiration with a unique combination bag shape on the same design, LV Trio Messenger Bag owns a sharp square box bag design, the compartments all have sturdy metal zippers, and two separate sub-comparts bring you fancy feeling and stylish personality that gentlemen cannot miss. The hallmarks of LV’s class are still intact: durable calfskin leather, classic Monogram motifs appear with a new look on an impressive gray background. Durable fabric strap, removable or adjustable size to flexibly change the style for men.

Dynamic modern design bag

Like the LV Multi Pochette line, this model is made up of three small bags with a simple, compact design that helps boys look active when going out, walking around, or traveling. Or if you want, you can separate them to use depending on your different purposes. With the main gray tone along with interlocking LV motifs accompanied by four lobe flowers (monogram) printed on canvas fabric, it becomes more modern and classy for the genuine Louis Vuitton handbag brand.

Convenient bag model for men

Louis Vuitton creates bags that revolutionize the travel industry, so it is not difficult to understand that this Trio Messenger also carries that spirit. This crossbody bag model is a combination of three bags of different sizes.

The main bag model with dimensions of 25cm x 17cm x 7cm ensures a spacious storage space. In addition, with a second bag measuring 25cm x 15cm, it is thin and light to help you store a few more favorite items. The third bag model favored by LV is called a coin bag when the size is only 12cm x 7cm with a keychain that helps you hook it to the crossbody strap of the main bag or can be used separately to hold credit cards, cash, coins… It would be useful to carry her everywhere.

Replica Trio Messenger Bag

Bags from the LV house have never been cheap and neither is Trio Messenger. I was told it costs around $2600 when you buy it in person in the store or on the Louis Vuitton website. But if you buy through other sellers, the price can go up to over $3000 for this Louis Vuitton design. And it was too expensive for me so I picked up a copy from an online replica store for a lot less and checked out my copy below.

Louis Vuitton Trio Messenger Bag
Louis Vuitton Trio Messenger Bag

First let me start by saying this is the best replica I have ever bought! I first contacted the supplier about a month ago about the bag, and he sent me some pictures and videos of the product. They sent me real pictures of the bag they took from their own factory. However, I have found that the color is slightly different from the real thing, it looks lighter. I was worried and asked the seller and they replied that recently the products are of better quality and they will do the same thing. They promise to send product pictures before shipping for me to check and confirm before shipping, if not satisfied they will refund and that’s why I continue to choose them.

I only paid $230 including shipping for the whole thing. After I ordered everything was updated continuously by the seller after that. Product pictures are sent about 3 days after I pay and tracking numbers are sent 2 days after I confirm shipping. The package only took 9 days to reach my house, they used USPS Express.

Overall I’m very happy with the bag, it feels leather, looks and smells like the real thing, I own a Louis Vuitton replica and it looks similar in hardware and quality. The only negative is that there is a small hole in the strap, however it is not visible and nothing to worry about. Overall, I rate the bag 9/10.

Louis Vuitton Trio Messenger Bag
Louis Vuitton Trio Messenger Bag

The crossbody bag becomes an extremely convenient accessory during travel as well as storing personal items. Louis Vuitton Trio Messenge Bag model of Louis Vuitton really does not disappoint LV fashionistas around the world. If you have the idea of ​​owning a bag with many compartments, touching this genuine Louis Vuitton handbag is what you should do. It’s super stylish and easy to wear — you’ll look good with almost any outfit, even with just a simple pair of sneakers.

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