Louis Vuitton Avenue Sling Bag

As a symbol of elegant French style, Louis Vuitton’s designs always bring a luxurious, simple but extremely attractive nuance that any modern fashion believer cannot refuse.

Louis Vuitton Avenue Sling Bag
Louis Vuitton Avenue Sling Bag

One of the strong trends of street fashion trends in recent years, the bags of one straps have become the favorite accessories of young followers, thanks to the dynamic and modern style with the advantage of excellent application. Giving birth to the Avenue Sling Bag model with its own characteristics, Louis Vuitton is not out of this trend. Possessing a compact size, style but also very luxurious, the bag model is also loved by the flexibility in the design: the strap can adjust the length and direction, material Damier Graphite Canvas Damier, durable and convenient compartments, suitable for men in many circumstances: going out, practicing or traveling,…

Recently, Louis Vuitton Avenue Sling Bag is a name that is sought by millions of upstream guys around the world because of special materials made from Canvas Damier Graphite Giant. There is a strong design, so the charm of the cross bag captures a lot of men’s hearts.

First mention is the beautiful material of the bag. Instead of making high -quality leather material, artisans used the durable Canvas Damier Graphite fabric to bring an original, elegant appearance that looks extremely masculine. Neutral colors contribute to the inherent strength of men. The combination of damier motifs and gray makes the bag look masculine, elegant and also look very young and dynamic. This peak color scheme makes it easier for men to find a colorful bag color that is easy to mix with costumes when out.

The brand’s name is embossed on the Damier motifs to create a luxurious highlight and show the honor of the artisans for this high -end fashion brand. Regardless of the color tone, the name of Louis Vuitton is always more prominent and impressive than ever. The pocket is standing and surrounded by the high quality black calfskin makes the perfect detail. The leather border layer creates a solid frame for the overall and increases the elegance and premium for the bag.

The zipper is made from Paladi metal with elegant colors that are extremely suitable for the original color tone. The zipper is meticulously sewn, cleverly handled in each needle thread that looks very delicate and beautiful.

Size 20 x 31 x 10 cm and a wide pocket compartment designed with strong and durable lining will create a spacious and comfortable personal storage space. Inside the bag there is a small compartment for you to easily contain important items without worrying about being lost. In addition, there is an extra external bag compartment to increase storage space. The items will be taken faster and convenient to be contained in this compartment.

The strap creates the soul of the bag as well as increasing the applicability. The strap of the bag is made of high -quality fabric that can definitely adjust the short length to help shape the style for our boys. Large strap limits the shoulder pain when carrying for a long time and you can carry it in front of your chest or back depending on your preferences.

Designed for modern urban lifestyle, neutral colors are both elegant, masculine and youthful, dynamic from this Louis Vuitton Avenue Sling bag will be extremely suitable for our men All ages. It can be seen that the cross -body bag Avenue Sling Bag is very highly applicable in life. Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, you can coordinate the appropriate and your preferences.

A design from Louis Vuitton makes many hearts melt because it is really beautiful and quality to every detail. Unique from the material, sublimation of color and sure about the shape is what men are attracted to the super product LV. The high applicability in the hustle and hustle of life is also another plus. The pocket is compact, carrying many styles, coordinating many types of costumes, there is no reason this bag is not so popular. And you? Do not hesitate any more without buying this bag right away with your bag collection quickly.


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