Louis Vuitton Artsy MM Replica

Today I will make a review on the Louis Vuitton Artsy MM bag. If you are like me, did you break the backup budget, your finance can not afford to buy a $2,000 bag? And that makes you won’t want to buy a $2,000 bag because it is a waste of money. So I decided that I wanted to buy a Louis Artsy MM replica bag. I tried to learn about it before buying but unfortunately don’t have too much information for me. But luckily I had a pretty good bag for myself.

LV Artsy
LV Artsy

This is a Louis Vuitton Artsy replica and the first thing I noticed when receiving this bag is very sure but it is a little heavy. I know a lot of copies are too hard, or they are too loose but this is a good balance between before and after. I tried putting it in a few places and it was great even if it was empty but it was very stable and not wrinkled or bent. The shiny skin color of the bag is very beautiful, fully showing all the sophistication on the bag.

The special thing in the Artsy bag is that you will not need to distinguish the front and back of the bag, both sides are exactly the same. There are the same floral motifs and brown LV nested motifs. I have reviewed all the positions of motifs on this copy bag and all are very subtle designs. They are located in exactly and completely balanced positions.

Handles are nested into luxurious yellow hardware
Handles are nested into luxurious yellow hardware.

The most unique point that this bag is remembered by everyone is its spacious and firm handle. A moderate short-sleeved handle is designed with tightly knitting strips. I don’t see any sloppiness on this braided handle. Handles are nested into luxurious yellow hardware in two corners. There are two gold rings on each side and they are tightly attached to the bag. There are very delicate engraved images with the words “Louis” in the lower round and “Vuitton” in the top round. These two golden rings with partial cutting designs of motifs on either side of the bag and the cutting point are also exactly the same as the original bag. I know it is possible that everyone does not know this detail before making a purchase. But you know, any imperfect details can break the quality of a good hand.

Inside that bag is a really beautiful fabric, it is genuine leather and is like soft suede. The feeling of touching genuine leather quality is completely different from the majority of the cheap copies I’ve ever had before. The area inside my bag can contain all necessary items. You can store your phone, iPad, wallet, key, and lots of your necessary items but which are still spacious. This very modern design is perfect for any occasion and it will be more suitable for any outfit. Try down the street with it and add a Starbucks cup on your hand, you will look really fashionable.

Louis Vuitton Paris

Next, Let’s see the stitch line on my replica bag. I think there’s no need to repeat the importance of the stitching details on LV products anymore because I mentioned that problem a lot before. And I see the stitch line on this Artsy MM bag is really good. Only the sewing on this bag is darker than the color of the bag. That highlights the special details of the bag and feels more certain.

At the bottom of the bag with 4 yellow metal feet connected by brown stitches like a large “X”. These 4 legs are also known as rivets. The studs are cut with the same corner of the same flower. The top studs cut off the upper corner of the flower while the lower rivets cut off the lower corner of the flower. Another important thing about this bag you also need to know is it’s not a continuous design. You can see this when looking at two stitches on the outer surfaces of four metal legs. These two stitches disrupt nested motifs. And what on the left is not the same, symmetrical with what is on the right of the same stitches. This is not due to the accuracy in the design of the bag. This is how all LV bags are actually produced. And so is this bag.

4 yellow metal pins on the bottom
4 yellow metal pins on the bottom

If you are looking to buy a Louis Vuitton Artsy bag, you will have the right decision to create a luxurious fashion style for yourself. This is a simple and beautiful design bag that can create perfection for any style. And don’t hesitate to find yourself the best replica because copies can save you a lot of your budget so that you still look elegant.

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