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Dior is the world’s leading luxury fashion brand from France, famous for its many classic designer bags lines including Lady Dior bag. This product is part of the timeless classics of this French luxury fashion house. And I’m sure we all can’t deny that the history, construction, and style of it all attest to it. With the name is named after none other than Lady Di herself – aka the late Princess of Wales, Diana. So, if you were lucky enough to own one of these bags, you now know your product has a bit of royal history. And for those who have coveted its, its price is hard to reach. That’s why you should switch it to a fake for your fashion sense.

Princess of Wales, Diana
Princess of Wales, Diana

I myself can certainly understand why every lady in the world loves it. It exudes a regal nature and I believe it can make people look a little more elegant by showing off the look with it. When I saw it online before, I also liked the look its including the silver hardware. But it’s really expensive, the genuine version from the original designer retails for around $4,000 so it’s really hard for me to touch it. And the product I’m sharing today is not something I bought myself, but I received as a gift. However, I will ask and describe the company in detail if you need it later.

The bag is just the right size, it’s not that small. With the Lady Dior bag sizes, line mini is really popular but I wanted a medium size and it’s great this one too. I will use it for any occasion, to work, out, to the beach or one for summer outing, I think it’s perfect for summer.

Lady Replica

From the moment I found out I received this fake product from the designer until I held it in my hand, it took about 3 weeks. This is a delivery time that is not too fast but just enough for an international product. Arrived where it was in really good condition. It wasn’t crushed or marked or anything like that which I’m really pleased with. And it’s well protected by bubble wrap and underneath the bubble wrap is a carrying case. The front of the box is beautiful, with the word Dior printed exactly like the real thing and I really like this fake box. I think the box is really nice to put things of all sizes in there. I thought about being able to not only put the bag in but also use it to hold other important things.

The bag box is very beautiful
The box is very beautiful

Next, let’s see what’s inside. A plastic box wraps it up and comes with a dust bag that is literally white and has the word Dior in silver on the front. When I hold it, although it is not the mini version, it is quite small, like the mini sizes of other products. It’s like the perfect mid-size for the beach or for a day of shopping or the like.

Bottom of the bag

I have to say I love this Lady fake, it’s really sturdy and first impressions of quality. Now let’s talk about the quality, it is amazing quality, stitching everything is amazing for me. I love it, it’s really cute and it’s the perfect sized that I really need in my wardrobe. I have very few white bags so it must be understood how much I really like them. At first, I thought I didn’t really like this keychain logo style. What I don’t like, it’s pretty big but when I hold, I think it looks very cute. However, it does get a bit noisy so I feel like when you are walking or doing something if you are shaky this can be a bit noisy. It’s just that what may be okay for some people may not be okay for others. It’s a bit annoying for me, but it’s not a big deal.

The keychain is quite big
The keychain is quite big

There is some stitching on the outside that says Christian Dior. And then it has Paris underneath with black stitching. The whole design is like fabric but it is more like a stiffer material. It looks like the leather its is real sheepskin and I have to tell you it is very supple. Genuine lambskin should have a super smooth feel and the leather on this handbag scores big when it comes to this criterion. With stitching, it’s all white stitched with subtle sizes, so the designer created a really beautiful summer handbag. I think that the company has other designs like leather but when it comes to something like this. I really like the way it looks.

Inside the bag

The inside of the Lady fake has some foam and it’s like a cover. Personally, I’ve never seen a real, I’ve never had one with a similar design. You can see it has a small pocket with a logo printed again Christian Dior and then Paris. It is a perfect zip pocket for your clumsiness with things like keys, wallet, phone. This zip can protect all that so it comes in handy. It’s very spacious inside and it has another one. There is another small pocket on the other side of this one but no zip to keep other things.

 The inside of the Lady Dior replica bag
The inside of the Lady fake
It looks so special
It looks so special

Real bags from the designer I have only seen on websites or online platforms. So I don’t know how close this is to the real thing but it looks really good quality. It comes with a very useful strap and comes in different adjustable sizes. You can wear it just across your chest or you can put it down on one arm. If you want, you can let go when hugging. The strap is very good quality, very similar to the bag quality. It is thick so it is not flimsy, feels very solid when carried. There’s also the Christian logo on the strap so the strap that comes with it is nice and thick which is great if you have anything heavy in your pocket.

Comes with detachable strap
Comes with detachable strap

As I know the price of fake designer bags is higher because it is a higher quality item than the normal copy. So what I’ve noticed when buying regular copies is that it’s often thin, with substandard sizes, and often dupe copies don’t use the same logo. But you know well what that is then you have a low-quality replica. And then you have a high-quality copy and this is a higher quality copy. And that’s why it costs a little more but not by much. Compared to the dior bag price is designer bags, it can still be five to seven times more expensive than this one. Yeah, so I’m really happy with this. This is a great addition to my wardrobe to my collection.

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