I am someone who is impressed with well-designed websites that are easy on the eyes and easy to operate. But with sites that sell copy maps you think that matters. Of course, it matters because genuine sellers always invest in their everything so that customers can easily choose the products they want as quickly as possible. But don’t let that affect you too much, product quality and customer service are what you should be most concerned about. Join me as I flip this replica fashion site upside down to try to confirm its legitimacy.

It seems that the top menu bar only has room for prominent brands such as Off-White, Yeezy, Balenciaga, Air Jordan and a few others that you have to press to appear. Looking at the names of the brands that appear, it is clear that this is a page that focuses mainly on active sports fashion brands. Here you will find the best, trendiest designs throughout the years that have won the hearts of many sport fashionistas.

As soon as I entered the site I wanted to go back. This site looks complicated. The ad banner insert is very messy and I don’t get any information in the head when I look at it. It doesn’t look invested and looks very unsightly. Of course, simple is good, but keep it simple for customers to grasp information and easily manipulate it. Don’t let too much information be obscured by each other and that will only make customers want to leave the site.

I thought it was possible to find the next perfect copy with just a few clicks. But it was not easy, browsing through the products was quite difficult because of the layout of the website. Things got messy as I slowly went deeper inside. I don’t understand why the list of other brands has the appearance of a Winter Coat. I don’t understand if the people who entered looking for the Winter Coat would know to go on. It is more difficult but easy if you go deeper, as the brands are divided into sub-collections, there is also a filter available so you can sort the copies by price and also the option to choose to view 20, 40 or 60 items per page. Next comes a look at how beautiful the models are here, browsing the site is only a fraction of it; How to choose a pair of shoes to buy will be a real challenge for you.

I found this company selling a wide variety of products. You can find a lot of what you need including sneakers, T-shirts, coats, bags,… All these knockoffs are very affordable. and as far as I can see it’s cheaper than many sites that sell 1:1 quality copies so I don’t know if their quality is guaranteed? Very important, all prices are in USD or EUR. If everything is cheap and if the quality is good then it is definitely worth its money. As observed, prices vary depending on the material used, on the size of the bag and on the popularity of a particular model.

The product description page has no rich details about shape, fabric, hardware, interior design, bag, size, accessories,… you can only see the picture and product size. This makes it impossible for customers to know any more information about the product other than the image. All images seem to come from a single source and the images are quite crisp. Pictures may not tell much about product quality. We just need to make sure we buy a pretty good copy from them before anything like this happens. Judging by the high quality images, the products appear to be of very high quality, with correct appearance, materials, hardware, authentic markings and accessories.

The images on the website look quite nice, but it seems they only invest in the image of the sneaker mainly. They even posted a lot of bags in one product, it made me feel uncomfortable. How can I find when there’s not even a product name on the website or anything, you simply have to go through each category to find the bag you want.

Orders are charged $25 per product and for me this is a pretty hefty shipping cost. They have a tracking number provided and it usually takes about 3-5 business days to ship your order out. I think they don’t have the product in stock and need time to produce. Once the order is shipped, actual delivery will take approximately 10-15 business days depending on the country of destination. What restores my confidence is that if your item is lost in transit, the company will either replace the item or refund you.

Within 7 days of the parcels being delivered, send back pictures of the item with serious quality problems or size defects or lost packages for a full refund or resend. new. Returned items must be in unused condition with original packaging. They do not accept a returned item that has been worn, damaged, laundered, or altered in any way. The company will refund you after receiving the goods. If the returned goods are held by customs, the company will only receive a partial refund and if the customs collects the entry fee, you will bear the whole. To me, these are pretty reasonable return policies, so you can rest assured.

On the Payments page, it says that the clone company can process payments using PayPal, Crypto: BTC/ETH/USDT, WISE(Former Transwise), Credit Card and Western Union. These are the checkout pages that most copy shops use. You can read and check the details at the checkout page before making a purchase to make things go faster.

You can contact hypeunique.is by email, by contact form or can contact them through social networking sites. And unfortunately they are quite slow to respond, it is difficult to get a direct and immediate response to Customer Service if we need their urgent assistance.

hypeunique.is seems to be a good source of quality replica products at moderate prices. The company provides very clear and detailed product images; it offers a 14 day money back/exchange guarantee. The downside is that they have a pretty bad website interface and poor customer service. They are not so bad there are very good points and bad points. And if you are a smart copy shopper, you simply need to balance all the pros and cons and this will help you make the right and informed decision.

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