How to spot fake Hermes bags?

Hermes bags always take first place when people think of the world’s top luxury brands. The products from this brand always have the quality and perfect looks that have been iconic for many decades. When it comes to Hermes, everyone immediately thinks of luxury and luxury with a high price, that’s why fake bags have been launched on the market and cause a lot of difficulties for those who want to buy the original version of the firm. If many people still do not know how much a Hermes bag, please find out before coming to this article. You may not know, the majority of Hermes bags on the market are fake bags. So if you are planning to buy yourself genuine bags, do your research carefully before buying because you will most likely buy a fake. Here are some characteristics you can use to identify if your handbag is fake.

How to spot fake Hermes bags?

How to spot fake Hermes bags?


The allure of genuine Hermes bags lies in their impeccable stitching. All products are meticulously stitched from the world’s leading artisans. Everything is carefully done and checked so there is never a mistake in the stitching of Hermes products. A genuine product will have perfect stitching while a fake product will have poor stitching. When looking at the fake bag, you can see that the stitching looks very thick and rough, while the real bag has a thinner, more delicate line. If you pay close attention to fake bags, the stitching in the patterns is uneven and the seams are warped. If the stitching is not perfect, you should start to doubt the authenticity of the bag.

Shape of the bag and handle

The shape of the bag is the most important feature to show the perfection of a bag. Real products are made of high-quality materials so they always have a neat shape and stand. When placed on a flat surface, the bag should stand neatly without swelling. However, if it is a fake, the bag may have a distorted and wrinkled part shape that looks extremely rustic.

The handle of the Hermes handbag is also a place that can help you easily detect the real – fake. The straps of the fake bag are not properly aligned, somewhat twisted. Real bags have vertical handles, curves have an even shape. To get an accurate view, all you need to do is pull the handle so that it is upright, and see if it is warped, or the height is different from the real bag.


The next important part that cannot be overlooked when inspecting a bag is the zipper and studs. With top brands, zippers are always manufactured by the brand itself with the brand’s name and logo to show the brand’s uniqueness. The zippers on real bags are made of high-quality materials so they have a perfect shine, but fake bags are not. The brand’s zipper can lock the zipper whenever in a parallel position. However, counterfeits may resemble the Hermes form on the zipper but do not have this characteristic mechanism.


The font is often the feature that most people can easily identify a fake bag. You should observe and pay close attention to the fonts on your bag. The inscription inside the Hermes bag is one of the first places you should look. Looking at the comparison image between real and fake Hermes bags above, you will easily recognize 2 main errors of counterfeit products. You may find that the letter “S” is too thick, the ink is splattered, and it doesn’t match the other letters on the fake product. The words “MADE IN FRANCE” clearly show that this is a fake bag. The letters have a far different shape from the letters on the real bag, look too thin, a bit patchy, blurry due to poor printing quality.

Authentication card, logo and dust bag

These can also be used to distinguish a fake Hermes bag from a genuine one if you look closely. With today’s level of sophistication when making counterfeit goods. It can be seen that counterfeit manufacturers can make everything exactly like the original, even the product identification card and logo. These things are not easy to spot, but you should never ignore them either. There are many cases of fake bags with logos missing words, wrong fonts but still being sold in abundance in the market. Therefore, buyers of Hermes handbags need to research the real product carefully so that it can be easily compared.

Playing luxury bags not only requires you to have abundant financial resources, but also requires your “sophistication”. Everything should be considered carefully because the money you spend on a Hermes bag is not small. Obviously, the brand-name game always has quite a lot of risks, forcing players to always be alert and at the same time, equip themselves with information and knowledge so that the eyes can be more and more discerning, and can easily recognize. What is the real brand and what is fake? Above are the experiences to distinguish real and fake Hermes handbags. Of course you can’t find all the points in all cases so it’s still important to choose reputable and trustworthy sellers.

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