Hermes Lindy Bag

It is not wrong to say that Hermes is a fashion brand that knows how to please women with the most beautiful and luxurious handbags. Along with Hermes Bikini, it is impossible not to mention the Hermes Lindy bag model that is most interesting to many women. This bag model is not only diverse in color but also possesses the “heart-stopping” beauty of all eyes. Hermes Lindy bag is elegant but still youthful, dynamic and convenient for young people.

Hermes Lindy Bag
Hermes Lindy Bag

When it comes to quality, style and comfort, the Hermes is my personal favorite. Hermes handbag is iconic, Hermes has never failed to provide us with nothing but bets. Of course, they all come with a price tag, but when you look at the quality and design of this brand’s products, you know that they are definitely worth it. So are you curious what a replica of it would look like? Follow me in this post.

Hermes Lindy Bag Replica
Hermes Lindy Bag Replica


This is a high-quality replica bag with super durable leather quality. The weight of the bag is nice, quite heavy and sturdy. I certainly feel free to throw this bag around without worrying about scratching my skin. The quality of the hardware is good and the weight and knob feel very secure. It’s actually a bit hard to rotate, but I don’t mind, as I’m sure it will come loose with use for a while. The stitches are mostly even, except for a few spots like on the handle where the bag is sewn and possibly also the point at the bottom where the 2 stitches don’t have gaps. This is more noticeable because the bag has contrasting threads. There was a factory smell that came with it, but it went away after a few days when I took it out. I won’t deduct this as it is easily remedied.


In terms of color the bag has a solid black color with a sort of blue sheen under natural light. I’ve researched real bags quite a bit and it’s the best overall auth bag I know of.

The shape looks a bit off. Lindy auth has a more triangular shape, while this one seems more rectangular. The auth part has a lot of protruding bottom corners that accentuate the triangular shape, while mine is not the case, it looks more like a box. This, combined with the stiffer leather on the top lid, also means that the small “smile” shape isn’t as prominent. It needs to be intentionally shrunk to create that dimple, but I’ve read a lot online that the more this bag is used, the softer it gets.

The handles also differ in shape. The auth handle is longer and more oval, while mine is shorter and has a rounded shape. However, whenever I carry the bag over my shoulder, this isn’t very obvious as the weight of the bag naturally stretches the handle, but is more obvious when I put the bag down. The pockets on the inside and outside are both functional and roomy which makes me very happy as they seem to be exactly like the real thing. The strap doesn’t slide off my shoulder easily and tends to stay on top of the handle, unless intentionally pushed back.

The hardware has true to real, accurate colors. In the photo, the hardware is too yellow, but in real life it has a beautiful golden color like the real thing. The crown looks precise in every detail, with the correct number of pins and the precise circular engraving of Hermes. The pear was missing but I really didn’t expect a replica bag to be perfect for that. The zipper looks great and there’s even a small “H” on the bottom of the zipper. The teeth of the zipper look much thinner than the auth row but the zipper type is correct. Hardware pins on the bottom are perfect! They taper down a bit like auth and all five are present and come with cute little rubber caps.

The stitching is very neat throughout the bag and I don’t see any point where it’s messy or done carelessly. The front of the bag is also stamped very neatly. The Hermes font on the front is a bit thin for the auth row, and the “s” is a little embossed but not very noticeable. The only other seal not done well is the date stamp. It’s stamped a bit deep so it’s hard to read.

Although there is a flaw in the shape of the bag, it is a perfect shoulder bag that I want to use a lot. It is very spacious and is the perfect blend of strong construction and thinness. Although the rectangular shape doesn’t quite capture the bag’s perfection, I still think it’s a classy and timeless bag! For a Lindy clone, this is really super good. Nice and sturdy leather, details like the small H-shaped zipper, Hermes carving on the hardware and the spacious side pockets all suggest a superbly crafted bag at a great price. I’ve actually used quite a few fake bags and it’s not the most comfortable one. I think this is mainly due to how I want the bag to look on my shoulder. I think this is probably due to Lindy’s design in general.

Seller Service

This is my first time buying from this store. Since I’m a savvy shopper, I always ask them first if I have any questions. I ordered this during their promotion, so I can understand it was pretty busy. But they showed professionalism by responding very quickly to all my questions. It is important that the store is appreciated.

The Hermes Lindy is an iconic bag with a modern shape and timeless style. The bag exudes refined elegance with a hint of formal charm, making it the ideal choice for young women who prefer a complete fashion flair. But not only looks, this bag is also very smart and functional. The smartly designed interior offers plenty of space for everything that’s important to you, and its detachable strap and buckle enhance premium utility and versatility. This time all things went quite in my favor so I received a fake bag that looks, feels and has the same construction as the genuine wallet.

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