Hermès Kelly mini bag

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Hermès Kelly and Hermès Birkin are strategic products that bring the French brand to the top of the world fashion industry. The Hermès Kelly handbag is a classic and iconic bag of the Hermès brand. When the mini handbag trend took over, this fashion house also quickly grasped and created its own playground. The introduction of the Hermès Kelly mini bag quickly created a new “fever” in the fashion world. Let’s find out what makes this bag so special.

Hermès Kelly mini bag
Hermès Kelly mini bag

Hermès Kelly bag – The beauty of luxury and class

The design of the trapezoidal shape and one handle of the Hermès Kelly handbag is extremely luxurious. In addition, this bag is also equipped with a shoulder strap so that she can freely change her fashion style. The beauty of luxury and class but without losing the versatility of this handbag quickly captured the hearts of women. Up to now, the genuine Hermès Kelly bag is still an item that millions of women around the world aspire to.

The design of the Hermès Kelly mini bag

The Hermès Kelly mini bag is a miniature version of the original. They still have their signature trapezoidal shape, a flexible handle and shoulder strap. Inside the bag is still equipped with a large compartment and a small zip compartment suitable for storing her little things when going out. Despite its compact design, do not underestimate the capacity of the mini version, it can hold your phone, makeup and wallet as well as your essentials.

The Hermès Kelly mini bag includes 3 basic sizes: 15, 18 and 20. In which, Hermès Kelly mini bag size 15 (15 x 11 x 5cm) and Hermès Kelly mini bag size 20 (20 x 16 x 10cm) are many. Women love it more. In particular, the HM Kelly 20 bag with a comfortable and luxurious size is chosen by many stylish ladies for street walks or parties. Meanwhile, the Hermès Kelly mini size 18 bag is produced by Hermes in limited quantities and appears quite rarely on the fashion market.

Material of HM Kelly mini bag

Like the large version, the HM Kelly mini bag is crafted from high-quality and luxurious materials. In particular, Togo, Swift, Epsom leather and luxurious crocodile skin are used quite commonly in the making of this item. The soft, durable texture and high scratch resistance of these materials are greatly appreciated.

When it comes to metal accessories, the majority of Kelly bags feature palladium or gold-plated metal hardware. The palladium plated hardware has a silver finish, while the gold plated hardware has a shiny and glamorous shine. Typically, for gold-plated hardware, Hermès uses 18k gold. However, on rare occasions (in special order bags or rarer designs) 18k gold is replaced by 24k gold.

If you are a genuine fashionista, you will understand that Authentic bags are difficult to buy. Or people “in the industry” also called the suffering of those who “hunt luxury goods”. Even if you have money, sometimes you cannot buy the desired brand of bag. Because, most of the genuine branded handbags that have just been released will be sold to celebrities, acquaintances or VIP customers first. Buyers have to order 2-5 years to own a product. The fashion house also never announced the number, design and distribution schedule of products for each branch in the world. This leads to the fact that not everyone who wants to be able to own an authentic Birkin bag. And ironically, the bag that the customer wants to buy may not be distributed in this country, but is available in stores in another country. Most customers around the world who walk into a Hermès store and ask for a Birkin or Kelly bag are told they have a waiting list. Customers who want to buy just need to fill in their name and phone number on the table to let the fashion house know they are interested in the product. Then, they have to wait until the bag is finished, delivered to the store and their name is at the top of the list, the purchase notification call will come.

Hermès Kelly mini bag
Hermès Kelly mini bag

Because of the expensiveness and scarcity of genuine handbags, many Kelly lovers have chosen replica handbags instead. And a top advantage of replica bags is the extremely diverse designs. You can easily find a limited edition designer bag at a replica bag store. It can be said that owning a brand bag with new, beautiful and constantly updated designs is not a personal desire. Understanding the desires of many brand followers, super bag manufacturers always update the latest models. In particular, you can also find designer handbags with diverse and eye-catching colors here.

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