Style, fashion and trends are the goals that define our passion for beautiful designer handbags. We always want to be stylish, fashionable and up to date with the latest trends and that’s why we are always on the lookout for the best bags. And we’re willing to invest anything to pamper ourselves with exquisite clothing and accessories. Usually, luxury bags hold a very special place in our hearts, but the hefty price tag is something that not many of us can afford. This is also why we sometimes decide to compromise by buying a fake handbag. With a smaller price tag, we can enjoy the same feel and look as with an authentic wallet.

We can easily find fake bag suppliers on the internet but finding a reliable store is not easy. knows what drives ladies’ passion for handbags. And that’s why they’ve prepared a beautiful collection of fake bags at a reasonable price, aiming to make all of our style dreams come true. Their simple appearance makes them a clear focal point. On top there is a very thin black menu, the color scheme is black and yellow, there is a large banner and several collections from brands. The overall look is one of a very elegant, professional and friendly online store.

The number of brands listed on this site is not very large and I think it is a smart choice. They select only the most popular brands including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Christian Dior, Hermes, Prada and some other famous brands. The collection has not too many products except for LV, Dior and Gucci. It really is a nice selection of some of the most beautiful best selling models. In my opinion, this is a very good thing because it saves you time. Instead of browsing through an endless collection for hours on end, you can go through all the products in minutes and instantly find out if the company offers the model you’re interested in. There are also advanced search filters available on the site, you can easily search for the product you want.

The handbags listed above have great prices. Most of these wallets cost around $100-$250. Only a few are more expensive, from $250 to $350. Usually, these are larger models that are also more complex in terms of the number of compartments, pockets, and metal ornaments. And certainly the products they sell are fake and they also announce it to you. This is a good price for you to own quality replica bags. If you want cheaper prices, that means their quality is also extremely poor. So this is a perfectly acceptable price for a replica shop. can only accept credit card payments, which is not a good thing for us online shoppers. The company only offers the ability to pay with Visa or Mastercard. Accepted credit cards are Visa, Mastercard and JCB, which are three of the most popular and used companies for online purchases. Sure, these are the safest online payments because your bank guarantees protection for every transaction you make, but the payment page where you have to enter your card details isn’t secure. This means that the information you enter can be hacked at any time. In such cases, I would prefer to use a more alternative payment method like Western Union, Bank Wire or PayPal.

The company can ship orders worldwide with each shipping unit depending on the country. And they charge a flat fee of $15. The usual delivery time is about 10-17 business days and a tracking number is provided. To me this is a fair price and a fair amount of time for international shipping.

The company offers a 14-day return policy. Within 14 days (from the date of signing/receiving), if you request to return the purchased item, the item can be returned and refunded under the following conditions. Products must be returned in their original packaging, which means they will not be used (except for trial), worn out, removed from plastic, damaged, scratched or tampered with. All profits are at the customer’s expense. When they receive the returned products intact, they will deduct USD 20-40 shipping cost and then refund you. After 14 days, they will not issue a refund, but an exchange can be accepted. Refund policy applies to all orders received that customers are not satisfied with the quality and design of the product.

This website does not provide contacts for customers. It can only be achieved by sending a message through the contact form or at its prospect email account. I think not providing an active phone number and chat option shows how unprofessional and unreliable their business really is.

There are some things is really good at, such as they have a wide and complete collection of products from popular brands, they have nice products at reasonable prices. But in addition to the good things, they will still have points that cannot convince the fastidious customers. It is possible that this causes them to lose quite a lot of customers such as product images copied from different sources, lack of proper customer service and only accepting credit card payments.

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