Fendi Baguette Bag- The most sought after It Bag

Starting from a small shop first opened in 1925 in Rome (Italy), Fendi is now a name known all over the world, with designs that always appear on the must-have list of fashionistas. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the famous Fendi Baguette It Bag line – a bag that makes many fashionistas fall in love.

History of Fendi Baguette Bag

In 1997, the daughter of one of the then five Fendi designers was tasked with creating a practical and easy-to-use handbag that was in keeping with the standards and trends of minimalism at the time. And as you might think, the product that was launched at that time was Fendi Baguette Bag. At that time this was a bag that was criticized and not appreciated by other Fendi designers. The bag did not satisfy the two essential elements of a bag at that time: convenience and minimalism.

Fendi Baguette is by no means handy. Because with the size of 26 x 14cm, the Baguette bag could only hold a wallet and a few makeup items, much more inconvenient with the large-sized bags that were popular on the market at that time. And with colorful designs, this is not the minimalist bag that women need. The Baguette bag, at the time, was judged by other Fendi designers to be “too colorful and fussy” for what people define minimalism.

Become the most sought after It Bag

Contrary to everyone’s assessment and expectations, Baguette bags have been a craze in the fashion industry with more than 100,000 products sold in the first year of launch. Until 2000, Baguette became a wave sweeping the global fashion world when appearing on the hit TV show at that time, Sex and the City.

Venturini Fendi, who designed this bag at the time, did not expect the bag to be so popular. The bag sold out and put those who wanted to buy it on a waiting list. That’s why we have the concept of waiting list so familiar to us today.

The interface of the bag

If assessed objectively, perhaps Baguette itself is enough to be liked, but only after Sex and the City will it be “hunted”, and gradually assert its position as an IT bag. Even those who are not very interested in fashion know this bag, or at least have accidentally encountered it somewhere on the road.

Each bag comes with a small strap and the famous Fendi logo. The design comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Over 100,000 bags were sold in the first year. The baguette became the first bag to create a waiting list at all major fashion stores.

In recent years, Fendi has innovated the design with various colors and designs to suit more modern life. Today’s Baguette bag has a different look. Over time, we all change. So why does Baguette – our best friend – not change with it? Despite their differences in identity, they were the same, still carrying Fendi’s DNA.

IT bags are usually bags that attract people’s attention. They appear everywhere. IT bags are bags that people covet but don’t have to get. The bags are difficult to buy with sky-high prices that make it difficult for us to own. So many people choose for themselves perfect replica bags to satisfy their love. And those are smart choices, as we all want to have trendy fashion styles, so their replica is a perfect choice.

Since its appearance, Baguette has maintained its popularity for nearly 2 decades by its diversity and innovation year by year, even by season. In addition to genuine designs, Fendi also “plays” more when producing DIY Baguette bags for users to freely create their own personalized bags. Every year, fashion seasons come and go, but Baguette bags are still appearing. This is clearly the most concrete testament to the longevity of the most beautiful Baguette bags in the world. If you are a lover of bags and especially It Bag, never miss this bag from Fendi.

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