Buy Fake Bags – Ignorance or Wise Investment

$300-$400 is the price of fake Hermes bags on the market today. That amount for a fake Hermès Lindy bag is not cheap to buy a product that is not original. Despite the efforts of the authorities of other countries, fake shoes, fake bags, and fake clothes still massively penetrate the global market. The “high-end” imitations – from Hermes bags, Saint Laurent wallets, to Chanel’s famous Le Boy bag – are sold at quite high prices, even though they are not genuine.

Although replica products are quite expensive, they do not make buyers afraid. Brand lovers can shell out almost $500 for a replica bag and is it worth it? Not to mention, to own a quality replica bag, people need to research carefully with a series of websites on the internet and e-commerce sales pages. Then you have to contact the Chinese seller directly via email, whatsapp or wechat, and finally transfer a sizable amount of money with no guarantee of getting what was agreed upon.

So why accept all the hardships, and no guarantees, just to get your hands on a counterfeit luxury bag? It is one thing to spend a lot of money on products that are shown on the catwalk. But putting a lot of time, effort, and other large amounts of money into knockoffs is another. Why should you accept to spend a small amount of money and take a big risk just to get your hands on a “fake” product?

Why choose replica handbags?

It can be explained that for many people, fashion is a component of each person’s style. In pursuit of the ideal images set by oneself, people tend to seek, collect, and display items that represent themselves. Shopping can be seen as a bridge between how we want to be seen by others, and how others see us. If we continue to desire that ideal image, we will surround ourselves with objects as a way of constructing the image.

What is the fastest indicator of a person’s power, success, taste, and wealth, other than luxuries? And interestingly, those things can all be packed in a Hermes bag on the go or a Louis Vuitton purse. Many still admit it was the fakes that gave her the social status they needed. They are the shortcut that takes you to the upper classes.

Worried about being discovered

So have you thought about using fake bags when discovered? There are risks in placing too many expectations around buying a “value” item. What if you were discovered? If buying genuine items creates a psychological stability among consumers, then buying and using counterfeit items poses a risky situation for the buyer himself. However, with high-quality replica products, the gap between being discovered, stripped naked and considered a connoisseur is still extremely narrow, enough for them to feel that the action is still worth the trade-off.

For those who often use fakes, asserting their own status and power is only one aspect. Convincing yourself that that power does no harm is a different story. Research shows that for people who buy fake brands, there are three “intrinsic benefits”. The first is the feeling of optimizing their financial resources. The second is the mentality of enjoying the feeling of adventure, excitement, and even risk. And third, is the feeling of tricking others into thinking that this is the real thing. But, according to research, the most important thing is that people who buy fake brands create a sense of “knowledge” from themselves.

In other words, buying and using fake brands not only makes them feel more beautiful and richer, but also smarter and wiser than others. In fact, who doesn’t want to be seen as someone with style and understanding?

Can’t stop yearning

The question is, how do these shoppers deal with the fact that buying fake bags is not only illegal, but unethical? Besides, the people who bought the fake also argued that their actions were no different from buying other similar products. Most of us care about what the people around us – friends, colleagues, even strangers – think about us. We promote our own identity and spread that image around. For some, it could be sports cars, shoes, clothes. For others, it could very well be a sophisticated imitation Louis Vuitton bag.

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