Designer handbags: The Latest Handbag Trends and Styles

Branded handbags are always the most perfect fashion items that every girl wants to invest in. They embody timeless elegance and never go out of style, and even designs from decades ago are still sought after today. Designer handbags are the perfect addition to your wardrobe for their versatility in style and irreplaceable top quality. If you are looking for the most popular handbag styles of recent years, then read this article to the end.

Designer handbags: The Latest Handbag Trends and Styles
Designer handbags: The Latest Handbag Trends and Styles


Bucket bags are a trending bag at the moment, this is one of the most trending bags today. With a bucket-like cylindrical design, the bag is used as an everyday item with women, you can take it to work, go out or even to luxurious parties. The great thing about this bag is that it easily pairs perfectly with any outfit in your wardrobe. This bag is available in a variety of styles and colors providing plenty of options for any style. No matter what style you follow, you can choose the perfect bucket bag for yourself.


A bag suitable for those who just want to carry the essentials with them when going out. Sling bags are perfect and are loved for their compactness and convenience. With a convenient design that is easy to carry on the go, you can take it with you on any occasion. Sling bags are also loved by the variety of materials, you can find bags made of leather, jute bags or even bags made from fabric. If you love any material, you’ll find something to suit your style.


A clutch bag is a great handbag that fully shows the elegance, sophistication and femininity that every girl desires. This bag model has been so famous from time immemorial and has never gone out of fashion. The clutch bag is a hand bag and one of the most popular accessories. You can easily combine this bag model with any style of clothing as well as suitable for both men and women. These bags are stylish and on-trend, suitable for any occasion or situation whether you are planning to attend a meeting, a street walk or a short trip.

Designer handbags - Clutch bags
Designer handbags – Clutch bags


Crossbody Bag has a design quite similar to Sling bags also known as crossbody bags, crossbody bags. This is one of the fashion items that are being loved by many fashionistas, especially young people who are dynamic, innovative and personality. Crossbody is made of many materials, from canvas, polyester, … to animal skin. Each type of material will create different Crossbody bags with different prices. Usually this bag model is made mainly of leather material, compact design combined with an impressive metal strap. It both exalts the casual and helps you show your dynamism and youthfulness. These bags are used for many purposes from work, school, and outdoor play.


Tote bag is a bag that created a craze in the fashion world in the US in the mid-20th century and is created with many different colors and unique textures. Tote bags are quite large women’s handbags, the handle of the bag will be designed parallel to the two sides of the bag. This type of bag can be created from many different materials, ranging from canvas, canvas, to full leather. If tote bags made of canvas fabric – a fabric with soft, quite thick and easy to wash material brings an impressive classic style to her style, leather tote bags enhance the look. beautiful luxury class for users. And if you can afford it, leather tote bags will be a great choice.

Designer handbags -Tote bags
Designer handbags -Tote bags


Fanny packs are called crossbody bags, they are inherently one of the items that are not strange to today’s fashionistas. This is a bag with a long strap and is made with many different materials, but the most popular is made of sturdy but convenient leather. This bag model has always been at the forefront of trends for many years, although they have been in the fashion world for a long time. Fanny pack has always been considered a companion of all young people who pursue a dynamic and modern style. The reason crossbody bags are so popular is because of their convenience and no less fashionable. Fanny pack is designed with an adjustable strap so you can wear it crossbody or loosely over the shoulder. Besides, with a variety of bag designs, the bag style is very suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking or even just walking the dog.

These are just some of the handbag styles that are trending right now. HighReplica hope after this article, you can choose for yourself more stylish designer bags for your wardrobe and catch up with handbag trends.

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