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For those who adore the beauty of modern luxury fashion items, the Chanel Larde Deauville bag is an indispensable item. Is a bag that is not only elegant, but sophisticated, somehow modern, unique and versatile. A bag for day, night, everywhere you want to take it. It provides exactly what you need to transition from a formal day at the office to a chic evening with friends or an active street out.

Chanel Larde Deauville Bag
Chanel Larde Deauville Bag

Quality of Chanel Larde Deauville Bag replica

Unlike my previous Deauville, this one is made from much finer raffia yarns and has a sturdier build than the threads. The bag is very sturdy and I could see it standing firm with more use – that’s what a bag can handle. Overall, the bag is super well designed with even stitching and a sturdy base so you can put the bag down without tipping over. Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality.

Leather top handle is exactly like real leather, rolled up with smooth stitching on one side. Solid construction and good attachment. The chain handle has a neatly interwoven fabric inside the chain with tights sewn at the ends. The leather part of the shoulder strap feels comfortable on the shoulder and the metal links in the strap are well made, without kinks or gaps. The magnetic closure is strong and sturdy. The stitches look neat to me. The engravings on the hardware look accurate, they are golden, not too gold or cheap. The leather on the strap feels good but maybe it could be softer on the real strap? I don’t know because I’ve never felt the real touch on a real bag but I think it has to be much more perfect than this.


As far as I can see everything matches the realism pretty well. I’ve looked at every photo I can find of the actual bag and it looks almost perfect to me. However I have never seen an authentic version of this bag or felt any authentic Deauville bag so I cannot be 100% sure of my assessment. To me, the engravings on the hardware look correct. The font and logo on the front may be slightly off in size and spacing, but it’s hard to say for sure if it’s perfect. The depth of the pocket can be a bit off, which may explain why many reps don’t look right to me, I think they are not wide enough on the sides and base. Chanel’s website says the bag measures 10.1 × 13.7 × 6.6 inches and I measure 10.1 x 13.7 x 5.9. I think this is not as noticeable on a bag this size as it is with the larger versions of this bag as there is no depth accuracy that keeps the sides from slanting out like I thought.

The leather top handles match the real thing almost perfectly but are slightly stiffer. I will work on softening this using and I think it will become less “vertical” over time. Chain and shoulder strap accurate to the auth line. The inner lining and the bag/logo are both correct. Precision magnetic buttons and very well sewn lining. The alignment of the inner tab’s stripe pattern for the magnetic button is slightly different from that of the auth row, but it’s on the inside of the bag so it’s not noticeable.

I can’t say this bag is perfect and you can see some of the points I have pointed out. But to be honest, this bag is so pretty too, I don’t think anyone would notice if there’s something a bit off. Chanel calls this a “Large Shopping Bag” on its website but other people often refer to this size as a small size, so I am not sure about the size and I also note if you look at multiple listings for the same items. Bag measurements should also be taken into account as they are always different and I’m not sure what that is either.


I am very impressed with the quality of this bag. I feel this is like what an expensive Deauville should feel like. It looks expensive and it’s also sturdy and has a nice sheen. I bought another Deauville last year from another seller for $150 and it feels and looks cheap to me. This bag is much nicer than the previous one.

Seller’s Service

This is my first time buying from this seller as I often find his prices too high and I don’t like that he won’t tell me the factory that makes the bags and other items. Sellers seem to think this is protecting their secret source or something but it really just makes buyers like me scared to buy. I want to know what my bag factory is. However, his price is reasonable for this bag and I wanted to give him a try as a seller as everything he posts often looks like it came from top quality factories. Some of his posts are clear and I bought one from him which looks very authentic and his price is also reasonable for the quality. As far as I bought this bag, everything went very smoothly. They responded very quickly and my bag arrived as quickly as expected during this time.

The important thing here is that you always do your research and be very careful when you buy a replica online. Do your due diligence when choosing a store, such as good reviews or good shares. Not all online stores are trustworthy and certainly not all replica bags are of equal quality. This time, I was quite successful with my bag choice. I paid a fortune for a worthy imitation. A few flaws in a replica bag can happen because it is impossible to expect a replica bag to be as perfect as the real bag.

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