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Céline Clasp Bag is a high quality ladies bag designed for classy ladies and stylish women. It is designed to be able to serve you for a very long time without wearing out as quickly as some other bags. It’s carefully crafted from Céline calfskin, chic, stylish yet strong enough to handle any roughness that might be thrown at it. It has a very simple design and is easy to use. It also has different internal card boards where you can keep the important cards you have and not think about them getting lost easily.

Céline Clasp Bag Brown
Céline Clasp Bag Brown

I received the bag with everything included. Imagine my surprise when it came in a very nice and precise Céline box complete with a shopping bag. I really appreciate it when they work so carefully and thoughtfully. They wrapped it so well that it took me almost half an hour to open it. And even though it was a bit hard, I didn’t feel uncomfortable about it and was very satisfied.


This bag is really well made. While it doesn’t look like a $5000 bag, it does feel like a $1000 bag. Thick, luxurious calf leather, wrapped in a sturdy metal frame, opens and closes smoothly and without noise. The keychain closes with a satisfying click and opens easily. I like the bright red orange interior. The auth bag uses lambskin, but I’m not sure what leather my bag is lined with and it also makes my bag stand out more. The unexpected color accuracy adds an element of freshness. Everything makes me look great, thoughtful.

It was surprisingly heavy despite such a narrow width. The weight is entirely due to the bag frame. I have not yet held the Auth bag but I did research and it is quite heavy so I rate this bag quite well. The stitching is straight and neat. The glazing has been skillfully applied to the edges without any of the “spill” on the skin commonly seen in lower quality reps. I haven’t used this bag much, so I don’t have any helpful opinions on wear and tear. However, I can tell you it smells great. Unlike previous bags I bought, this one doesn’t have such a strong factory smell.


I always rate the first copy by accuracy compared to the original. And of course it is very difficult to find a replica bag with perfect accuracy. I do not appreciate the accuracy of this product. If you want to know why, follow me below. First, I will talk about the good things: the bag is outstanding, has a nice look and is extremely well made, which I have already said. So with that in mind, my main critique is that the ombré effect doesn’t quite match the image of the auth I’m comparing this bag to. Furthermore, there is some uncertainty about the ending. Clasp on Auth has a shiny look, but in my photos it looks matte. Then I searched for photos shoppers and bloggers shared of real handbags for further research. When I go through all these photos, it feels like I’m looking at a different bag each time and that’s what makes it so bad in my eyes.

Everything else including shape, size, hardware tone, carving, logo stamp and interior are all well-measured versus authentic. It could also be said that it’s a simple style to copy, but that’s exactly what makes it so easy. Proportion is important in a minimal design and representative plants always fail. You just have to look at how hard it is for them to copy Gucci Marmont exactly. As for Clasp, there are many factories that make it, but they are making it too rectangular instead of the usual trapezoid. I’ve learned about color issues when shopping and that highlights are often more difficult to pinpoint when you’re opting for dark, simple colors. Even though the bag isn’t perfect, I still carry it everywhere because I’m confident in being myself and don’t mind people’s eyes.


As someone who has experience in using and buying branded bags, I am not satisfied with this order. I waited quite a while to receive it and the appearance was not what I expected.


The store responded quickly, helpful whenever I was. They are very responsive, so keep this in mind if you prefer friendly and chatty salespeople. They send photos and videos when the bag is finished and send me a pre-shipment inspection which makes me quite satisfied. We know not to ask for more than we have. When your order is ready, you receive an email tracking number that is the number for you to track your order. They will take more pictures if you ask, so I don’t guess this is an issue for anyone else. They have access to a lot of different factories and are very upfront about the quality of their suppliers. Overall, this is a shop worth choosing for everyone to try for their replicas.

The bag was created for women who like chic, stylish and fashionable accessories that make them stand out from the rest. If you love quality leather made from premium calfskin then this Celine could be your definite choice. With Céline products, you certainly don’t expect low quality products to be prone to wear and tear in the shortest possible time. You can be sure of the test of time and it will remain your stylish companion for a very long time. The only problem with this fake bag is the slightly different color scheme. If I hold my fake bag next to the real one, it’s obvious that its color is a little different.

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