The most famous Balenciaga handbags

When it comes to handbags, Balenciaga seems to be less popular than the heavyweights from Dior, Ysl or Gucci. In fact, Balenciaga handbags are very practical, you may have seen girls with any personality appearing with famous bags from this brand. Balenciaga’s bags, when appearing, will dominate social networks for a long time. Let’s take a look at Balenciaga’s most famous designer handbags.

The most famous Balenciaga handbags
The most famous Balenciaga handbags

Balenciaga Hourglass

The Hourglass design shows designer Demna Gvasalie asserting her position by breakthrough and ability to continuously innovate without losing the long-standing “legacy”. Since the launch of the Hourglass line of bags, it has also made a big splash in the billion-dollar industry thanks to its distinctive rule-breaking design.

Inspired by hourglasses, Hourglass Bag has an impressive curved design at the bottom and is accentuated by the prominent B logo in the center. In addition, the bag also makes choices for those who want to own products with a personal mark, Balenciaga also scores points in the customization service by printing the owner’s name on it. The body of the bag is very unique.

Balenciaga Classic City Bag

As the iconic bag model of the Balenciaga fashion house, it is not surprising that the Classic City regularly appears on the list of the most sought-after classic IT-Bags of all time. Born in 2001, this is the “brainchild” of fashion house Nicolas Ghesquière – who has revived a fashion empire that is gradually sinking into oblivion and is considered the most suitable successor to the business. by “master of fashion” Cristóbal Balenciaga. Possessing a rectangular shape and made from soft calf leather with natural wrinkles, the Classic City is not only comfortable and flexible, but also scratch resistant and maintains a high aesthetic value. A special highlight of the bag is the strong embossed zipper details, rivets and tassels, reminiscent of rock-chic style full of personality and rebellion.

To date, Balenciaga Classic City Bag is still the “darling” handbag design that is loved by many women from girls to fashionistas. It is not difficult for you to see this cult bag model in the hands of the new generation supermodel, street fashionistas or you can see it often on social networks.

Balenciaga Triangle

As the name suggests, Triangle is a bag model characterized by three angles that create a unique triangle. Thanks to its creative design, rich color gamut and diverse sizes, the bag model has created a “big bang” in the community of fashion lovers right after it was officially opened for sale. Besides, this design is also highly applicable when equipped with a flexible detachable strap.

With sizes ranging from small hand bags to “extravagant” designs, the Balenciaga Triangle with its unique upside-down triangle shape can perfectly follow you from weekend coffee appointments to the office. important. Despite the angular design, this bag model has an extremely spacious and flexible interior, meeting the storage needs of women’s personal belongings. Among bags with familiar shapes such as round, square, rectangular, etc., Triangle will bring a new “cool breeze” to your daily wardrobe.

Balenciaga Ville

In Balenciaga’s treasure trove of handbags, the Ville is perhaps one of the Spanish fashion brand’s most “ordinary” designs. Possessing an eye-catching shape, delicately rounded lines and a flexible detachable strap, the Ville has become one of the most popular everyday handbag choices for women. With material from grained calfskin, women can comfortably use this bag without fear of scratching the surface. The Balenciaga inscription on the bag is also handwritten by skilled craftsmen.

To be fair, the Ville reminds one of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Alma mussel shell bag, but rest assured there’s no copying here. Because this bag in Balenciaga’s 2018 collection is inspired by the designs that make up the names of world-famous luxury fashion houses such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. Through Ville in particular and other bag models belonging to the brand. collection, Demna Gvasalia brings a satirical and different perspective of her couture to her fans.

Balenciaga really give you a luxurious personality color that no other brand can do. For any fashionista who wants to own classy and stylish authentic Balenciaga handbags. However, online shopping will be difficult for you. The advice for you is to visit reputable, quality sales websites that will receive positive feedback from customers who buy branded goods, which is a safe choice for you. We hope that through this article you can choose for yourself an impressive handbag from the Balenciaga brand.

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