Balenciaga Classic City Bag Replica Review

For longtime handbag players, it will be no stranger to Balenciaga’s Classic City line. This bag has been around for quite a while, but not because of that, this bag has lost its attractiveness. First appearing in 2000, the Classic City line, also known as Motorcycle, was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière – the company’s former creative director and currently the creative director of Louis Vuitton womenswear. This line of bags has created a new and unexpected surprise for the brand lovers because the shape of the bag is not sturdy, but it is very cool because of the leather treatment, decorative metal rivets on the body of the bag, and the use of strings of long leather to attach to the zipper… All reminiscent of the trendy trendy look that every stylish urban girl has in her wardrobe.

Balenciaga Classic City Bag
BB Classic City Bag

Today, Balenciaga’s City bag has had a few small changes to keep up with modern trends, but overall, it still maintains the original look: unique, individual, recognizable and worthy of the title of ‘timeless’. The extremely haughty and luxurious crocodile-patterned black version is a great choice if you want to buy a Balenciaga City bag. A bag like this made me want to have it right away and ordered a copy of it. I’ve been looking forward to this replica bag and I’ll check it out too.

The replica bag


As soon as I opened the box containing the bag, the thing that worried me when I opened the box of my received bag was the “fake” smell that came straight to my nose. I’m really annoyed and don’t appreciate these smelly copy bags being so strong. But I did not complain to the seller at that time, but decided to wait a few days to leave the bag outside in a cool place to see if it still smells. The bag did hold onto the smell after I took it out of the shipping box but thankfully it disappeared within 24 hours into a more pleasant smelling leather. At that moment, I felt lighter and more excited about the bag. Now it’s time to go deeper because let’s face it, it’s all about the details.

First about the bag leather, the leather I touched at first was a bit rough and not soft. Of course I have bought and known quite a few replica bags before so I didn’t expect it to be soft but to the touch because the fake bag is of course not as soft as the original but I just expect it to not be too dry. One piece of advice for those of you buying bags that are hard and dry is to dip the bag in olive oil. As you can see from my picture, the fringes look nicer and smoother after I do. Since this bag is quite stiff, I had to dip it in 2 coats of oil but the leather strap is still a bit stiff. But don’t worry, I believe it will soften with another layer of oil. Very few replica bags I bought are so dry I don’t appreciate this bag, I don’t know if other shops with better quality can make a softer bag?

Next is hardware. The zipper on the outside of the bag, the top zipper, and the inside pocket zipper are also a bit stiff and difficult to open. I keep using olive oil on top of those zippers so it can work better because that helps a lot. I didn’t expect a perfect zipper but for the price of the bag, I didn’t expect it to be this rough on arrival either. Not a deal breaker as they don’t guarantee perfect quality. All worked just fine so I didn’t ask for a return, still love the bag and I’m looking for relatively easy fixes. Even so, their colors are accurate and overall it looks like it’s made of good material so that’s acceptable to me.


The appearance of the bag may seem similar, but if you go out with it and meet knowledgeable people, it is very easy to recognize it as a fake. The first is the stamp inside of Balenciaga, it is not the same as the real bag. This stamp will change many times and in each year the new version will have more changes than the previous year. Mine says “Balenciaga Paris” on the leather tag with no dots. Real bags with metal or leather tags will often say: “Balenciaga. Paris”

Next up is the handle and studs which are also not quite correct. The rivet on my handle shows it to be a “newer” model and has no buttons (exactly) but as in my image the slightly uneven alignment suggests it is a copy for those who have trained eyes. This is not a big deal for me as no one will really check my bag thoroughly and the color of the bag helps to hide this small mistake. I think it’s worth mentioning that if anyone is going to order a lighter bag, it might be something to look out for from the factory. Handle width is correct compared to authentic. Fix a few points for the rope on the handles as they are rounder and, in fact, flatter. Over time, they will flatten out like the real thing and go unnoticed on the black bag.

On a strap with double rivet hardware as seen on the real thing and it looks very aesthetically pleasing, this is a plus on this 1:1 bag. On the inner lining, the lining accuracy is appreciated by me. When you open the front zipper, you will see more of the original leather until you feel deeper into the bag and see that it is canvas material. This is true for authentication 1:1.

In terms of size, this bag is almost the same size of the original Balenciaga Classic City Bag. Clean stitching and good alignment across the entire bag. The aforementioned hardware has accurate colors so that’s a plus. In addition, the location of all hardware matches the location of the authentication hardware.


With all the little flaws, the quality of the bag, the leather material as you probably know I don’t appreciate this bag. Although not all bad, there are small details that make me happy and I have put my trust in this bag. Overall I am not satisfied with my purchase as I am an expert in evaluating replica bags. However, after I treated it with layers of oil paint, the bag became more perfect and I was very happy to start using it. The transparent leather bag was really soft and beautiful. I don’t really recommend this bag from this store to you guys as I’ve had to deal with quite a bit.

Seller Service

This is my first purchase with this store as I’m quite fond of trying new stores and I’m very happy and appreciate their enthusiasm. She answered all of my questions and took the time to discuss the issues with this bag. The transaction went smoothly and once my items were shipped I received them quickly. I will probably take a closer look at the quality and come back to her for future orders!

I still know that not all fake purchases are perfect. There is a big difference between shopping real and shopping fake. I would never recommend buying replica designer bags if you haven’t done your research and have a reliable partner. The Balenciaga classic city bag is the perfect bag, so I think a perfect replica of it can really show the uniqueness of the bag.

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